Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rabid for Rabbit

I can't wait for the Year of the Rabbit to start this Thursday. My reptilian brain thrills at the thought of seeing rabbit on every menu--and not just in "safe" charcuterie form.  Show me some leg, people!

I admit, rabbit on every menu is probably a delusion hope, given that the meat isn't exactly available on the same scale as, say, chicken.  But gustatory appreciation of cute little bunnies does seem to be gaining some traction with the larger food-eating public, and I'm hoping this Chinese Zodiac Year takes the movement to a new level.

Kindred rabbit eaters in the Napa vicinity should join me at Food Truck Friday the evening of February 4, 2011, for a special Year of the Rabbit party.  My full article on this carnival of delights is on WineCountry.com, here

Since the publication date of that piece, I heard that Mark's the Spot truck will be doing a polenta bowl with braised rabbit and mustard cream... and Dim Sum Charlie's will have rotisserie rabbit, rabbit "Kind Bowls," and rabbit dumplings, because co-owner Andrew Siegal is as much of a rabbit fiend as I am.  Fork Catering from Sonoma will have the Rabbit Bolognese, and a new-to-Food Truck Fridays wood-fired pizza truck (not Crossroad Chicken, who apparently won't be there this time) will be cranking out rabbit-topped pies for the public.

Bring on the bunny! And happy new year.

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